Cataract Exams in Wicker Park

Cataract Exams

When it comes to overall healthcare, many people unfortunately forget to include the proper eye care that they need to stay completely healthy. Here at Wicker Park Eye Center, our team of eye care professionals in Wicker Park can provide you with the proper eye exams that you need every year. Not many people may realize just how important scheduling regular eye exams are, especially for people who do not have any kind of vision impairment or latent eye issue. The reason why eye exams are necessary for everyone is because many eye conditions, such as cataracts, yield few symptoms in their earlier stages.

There are plenty of benefits to visiting your eye doctor regularly, especially here at Wicker Park Eye Center. An eye exam is not as brief as one you might receive during an annual physical with your general practitioner. A comprehensive eye exam not only tests your eye muscles and your eyes’ ability to follow objects or focus on them properly, but includes

60622 Eye Care

60622 Eye Care

intensive screenings as well. A full eye exam, such as the ones here in Wicker Park, take extra care to screen eyes for signs of cancer, eye diseases or conditions, and other medical problems. Your general practitioner may look at your eyes with a flashlight to look for more serious concerns, but a full screening can identify the earliest signs of eye conditions, including cataracts. Cataracts are a gradual clouding of the lens of the eye. Some symptoms of cataracts may include being sensitive to glare, difficulty seeing in dim light or at night time, experiencing double vision, any blurry, cloudy or foggy vision, seeing halos around lights, or frequent changes in eyeglass or lens prescriptions. While it is important to keep an eye out for any symptoms, such conditions can be identified early on by an eyecare professional.

For patients with eye conditions like cataracts, it becomes incredibly vital that you schedule regular eye exams to monitor your symptoms and track your progress. Should your condition worsen or progress, our eye doctors here at Wicker Park Eye Center can provide you with the proper care, treatment or even surgery. Don’t let your eye health go unchecked, and visit us here in Wicker Park for a cataract exam today.

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