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Ocular Allergies Wicker Park

Are you struggling with eye discomfort on a regular basis? Here at Wicker Park Eye Center, we often have patients visit us who are facing a number of uncomfortable symptoms, and they are quite frequently the result of an ocular allergy. Ocular allergies, also known simply as eye allergies, are some of the most common issues that our Wicker Park eye care experts treat. An eye allergy begins when your immune recognizes an allergen of some kind as a dangerous threat, even thoug17617228_xxlh in reality it is a harmless substance. When your immune system decides to attack these allergens, it will release antibodies which then travel to your cells and produce the allergic reaction. Symptoms of allergic reactions can vary from person to person. Some examples of common symptoms of allergic reactions in the eye include: tearing, itchiness, pain, the sensation that there is something stuck in your eye, redness, burning, puffy eyes, and more. When you encounter these kinds of symptoms, you should try to take note of the environment you are in or any substances around you that might be causing the irritation.

If you get allergic reactions most often during specific times of the year, it is likely you have seasonal allergies. If you experience symptoms often in your home, there may be dust mites, mold spores, or pet dander that are responsible for the irritation. Certain plants and weeds outdoors can also give you allergy symptoms. Our Wicker Park eye care specialists can help you better manage and treat your allergies with varying treatment options. The first step is to schedule an appointment here at Wicker Park Eye Center for a consultation and eye exam.

To learn more about basic eye health topics and conditions, as well as for additional information about the services provided at our Wicker Park eye care facility, please see the main Wicker Park Eye Center website, or simply give us a call and speak to one of our staff members directly if you have any questions. We are looking forward to your next visit with us here at Wicker Park Eye Center.

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