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Are you suffering from uncomfortable and itchy eyes that are constantly interrupting your way of life? If you are suffering from red or bloodshot eyes that do not get better despite changes in the environment, your eyes may need more care than you realize. When over the counter treatments fail to work for your eyes, there are other options for you to consider that will truly work for your unique optical health problems to help you see comfortably again. For the dry eye treatment, simply book your next appointment with your local Wicker Park eye surgeon at the Wicker Park Eye Center.

Dry Eye Treatments Wicker Park

Dry Eye Treatments Wicker Park

Dry eyes may sound like a common problem, but this complex optical health problem has a great deal of factors which can alter your treatment. The key to successful dry eye treatment is to visit your professional Wicker Park eye surgeon for state of the art care that will work to find the exact reason your eyes are suffering from discomfort. For some of us, simple changes in the environment such as adding a humidifier or using professional strength artificial tears and lubricating ointments can allow your eyes to see both comfortably once again. However, this is not always true of ever case. For those of us who suffer from a physical health problem within our eyes, changes to the body itself and prescription medications are the needed to insure your eye produces enough tears to protect the eye. Inflammation that occurs in direct response to tears can be treated with a small dose of a topical steroid or the immunosuppressant cyclosporine. For those who suffer from chronic dry eye, Restasis can be the remedy you are looking for. This topical treatment works to restore comfort by increasing the production of health tears in the body, and only needs to be used by the patient once every twelve hours.

Other treatment options involve physically assisting your eyes to conserve tears so that they last longer on the surface of your eye. Your surgeon can accomplish this by blocking tear draining through the use of punctual plugs that are inserted into the drainage channels of the tear ducts, cauterization to shrink the channel and close the duct, as well as Boston Scleral Lens for highly severe cases and other surgical options.

For the best care for chronic dry eye, no matter how mild or severe, be sure to visit the experts at your neighborhood Wicker Park eye surgeon. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff at the offices of the Wicker Park Eye Center offer advanced care back by state of the art technology to treat optical illnesses of all kinds. With dry eye treatments from the Wicker Park Eye Center you can see comfortably once again.

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