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Are you ready to make your eye and vision health a priority in 2014? The best way to do that is to start off the new year with a comprehensive eye exam, provided by the number one Wicker Park eye doctor at Wicker Park Eye Center. Comprehensive eye exams are arguably the most important way to keep your eyes healthy and your vision functioning properly. One of the reasons why regular eye examinations at Wicker Park Eye Center are so important is because they can lead to earlier identification of potentially serious and highly damaging eye conditions. In fact, some of the most dangerous eye conditions often begin to develop without exhibiting any noticeable symptoms, meaning you could allow an eye condition to progress significantly without even knowing and therefore not taking sufficient action to treat it and prevent it from developing further.

60622 Eye Doctor

60622 Eye Doctor

During each comprehensive eye examination, our Wicker Park eye doctor will administer a number of tests in order to thoroughly evaluate your current eye health and to check on how your vision is operating. If you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, we will also be checking to make sure that your prescription is accurate and that your eye devices are fitted properly for your comfort and vision clarity. Some of the testing that we use for our patients includes: visual acuity, a slit lamp examination, a retinal exam, the use of an eye chart, refraction, a testing of intraocular pressure to look for signs of glaucoma, a visual field testing, a testing of your ocular motility, testing of your pupil function, and more. At the conclusion of the examination, our Wicker Park eye doctor will discuss the results with you, making recommendations for treatments or lifestyle changes as necessary.

If you would like more detailed information about comprehensive eye exams or any of the other services provided by our Wicker Park eye doctor, we encourage you to look through the additional information that can be found on the main Wicker Park Eye Center website. If you have any questions, or if you are ready to book your appointment, simply call the office directly or reach out to us online. We hope to see you soon, starting out the new year right.

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